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  1. My session with Rosanna truly opened my eyes to reflexology. To be honest I was fairly ignorant and skeptical about the subject before I met Rosanna but her warmth and expertise convinced me that I needed to book in a session with her. What a blessing! She made me feel completely relaxed from the moment I came in the room and I couldn’t believe the effects during and after the session. She truly put me back in touch with my body (I was astounded to find how much she could tell about me from my feet!) I have been sleeping better since my appointment and feel more relaxed and in tune emotionally and physically. I will definitely be booking another session!

  2. I have to say I was rather sceptical of the benefits of reflexology not really knowing or understanding much about it, or how it could work. However, I am happy to say I am a complete convert! Rosanna clearly talked through what she was doing, so I felt very much a part of the process. Not only was the treatment relaxing and calming, but tremendously insightful. With out any previous hints being given, she was able to locate and unlock tension in my neck, and pick up on trouble with my jaw, and with my shoulder. I left feeling a great deal more “inline” with myself, and it is with out a doubt a treatment I would treat myself to again. I found it tremendously and surprisingly beneficial.

  3. I have been a regular customer of Rosanna’s since 2014. I first saw her during a really difficult time in my life and she instantly put my at ease. She is warm, caring and hugely calming and I always enjoy going to see her, knowing that reflexology offers an hour of complete sanctuary. She is very skilled at what she does – I can feel the changes in my body straight away. I would not hesitate to recommend Rosanna, and have sent lots of friends her way.

  4. I have always enjoyed reflexology and was aware of the benefits, mentally and physically. But what a find Rosanna is! A truly wonderful, insightful and giving person.
    Extremely knowledgable about reflexology itself and the workings of holistic treatments in general. Not only are her treatments deeply relaxing and comforting, Rosanna is then able to give an indication of what is, if anything, “out of balance” within the body and work on that area. I hope to continue to see her regularly and always feel so very much ‘better’ afterwards with regard to sleep, tension and general well being.

  5. I had my first experience of Reflexology with Rosanna and it certainly won’t be my last! Not only was the treatment extremely therapeutic and relaxing (I left with a complete feeling of calm which stayed with me for a number of days after) but I also noticed a dramatic improvement of an injury that I had, that at the time was so painful it was consuming me. Rosanna picked up on the problem during our session and focused some of the treatment on that specifically. That very evening the difference was clear. The injury was 50% less painful and seemed to just get better by the day from then on. I was absolutely delighted and what a pleasant surprise as I was actually quite sceptical about reflexology before this.

  6. had my first taste of reflexology with Rosanna this summer, and it was an all round delightfully relaxing, and enlightening, experience. I was amazed at some of the things that were picked up on – including the fact that I was having an issue with my teeth! (which was very true). Rosanna also picked up on a couple of things do with my health that otherwise would have gone unnoticed, which made a lot of sense to me and enabled me to look further in to seeking help and advice. I liked it so much, I booked my mum in for a treatment the next day! Whether you are having specific problems (physical or emotional), or you are just after a relaxing treat, you won’t regret booking a session.

  7. I’d never tried reflexology before my session with Rosanna and I was extremely impressed at the way the various pressure points eased and relieved pain in specific areas of the body. Rosanna identified several areas of stress or weakness, not all of which were known to me, and the end result was wonderfully relaxing and a noticeable reduction in tension and stress. Highly recommended!

  8. I found my session with Rosanna extremely relieving and enlightening. I don’t know too much about reflexology and probably talked too much. Rosanna was amazing at letting my feelings flow and it felt amazing. Both during and afterwards. I definitely found it moving. And Rosanna is so hospitable and lovely to be around. I would recommend this treatment highly.

  9. I had never tried Reflexology before I met Rosanna and to be honest didn’t know much about it al all, however after one session with Rosanna I am totally hooked! Rosanna was so professional and warm; explaining every thing she was going to do and making sure I felt at ease from the start. I have always found it difficult to relax, but with Rosanna, I was relaxed almost straight away. After the treatment Rosanna identified some areas of weakness that she had picked up on. Rosanna worked my sinus area a lot as that is something I had been suffering terribly from and I have to say, in the days afterwards I could notice a considerable difference to that area. The treatment left me feeling really energised and refreshed and I would not hesitate to book in with Rosanna again. She is a gem! Thank You Rosanna !

  10. Having fallen down the stairs at home and given myself a whiplash injury some 5 years ago, I have suffered with neck pain ever since which nothing seemed to alleviate … until I met Rosanna and her reflexology! After one treatment, my pain is almost non-existent. And the additional treat is that I have been sleeping soundly and dreaming, which I have not done for years. It’s wonderfully relaxing and I’d urge you to give it a try – I am sure you will be amazed too. (By the way, thank you, Rosanna!)

  11. Rosanna introduced me to the world of reflexology. To me it was a breathtaking experience, which I found relaxing, enjoyable and extremely beneficial. Not only the treatment itself was lovely, but also the effects and sensation after the treatment were beyond expectation. Rosanna talked me through what was going to happen, with her warm and caring voice, which allowed me to ‘surrender’ to her and the treatment as it were. After the treatment Rosanna’s feedback of what she discovered about me and my body was mind-blowing. I have felt utterly relaxed yet energised and ‘in line’ for a long time after the session. Rosanna is clearly very well grounded end experienced. She has a heartwarming engagement with one as an individual, which makes the treatment tailored to you and therefore very personal. A real treat and I would recommend it to anyone.

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